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We are at a turning point in medicine, where more and more people are seeing the cracks in the conventional approach. Dr. K’s mission is to help individuals with complex medical conditions break free from this paradigm of managing illness with medications and band-aid solutions. 


After working with thousands of patients since 2007, Dr. K has established a proven method to help her patients get better results faster.  


She focuses on optimizing each individual's unique underlying environmental, genetic and physiologic imbalance, and her team of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctors, Lifestyle Coaches and Nutritionists, work together to develop individualized wellness protocols that address the root cause of illness while optimizing nutrition and lifestyle habits to ensure longstanding optimal wellness.

Get Better Results and Faster

Step 1:
Share Your Story


Dr. K takes the time to hear your story and deeply understand your complete health history, current health concerns and goals. 


She is dedicated to fostering a therapeutic relationship and building trust, where you are not told what to do but play an active role in building a personalized health plan for your unique circumstances and needs.

Step 2:
Determine Root Cause With Functional Testing

Identifying the root cause of your health concerns is the only way to achieve effective and fast results. 


Dr. K doesn’t guess. She identifies the root cause of your complex health concerns with a thorough intake, functional testing, and blood work.  This in-depth investigation allows for a more direct healing path where you can expect better and faster results.   

Step 3:
Start Your Personalized Wellness Plan 

After a thorough investigation, Dr. K develops a personalized wellness plan that prioritizes your health goals.  Dr. K is passionate about empowering you with the knowledge, tools and skills to get in the driver’s seat of your health.


In collaboration with her team, you will have the support and accountability you need to reach your health goals successfully.

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Not Sure Where To Start?
Book A Free Health Audit

We understand it can feel very overwhelming to choose your healthcare team. It is critical to start your healing journey by choosing a health team you trust, where you feel heard, and where your individual needs can be supported. 


This health audit is the perfect opportunity to take a strategic step toward your best health.

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