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Lifestyle Coaching

Our world class coaches are your trusted partners in healing. They provide expert advice, support and accountability to help you create impactful shifts to better your health.

Functional medicine health coaching is a key element of creating sustainable lifestyle change in a collaborative care team environment.

Our Coaches Can Help You:

Prioritize your health and well-being

Create simple, transformational habits

Feel empowered, motivated and accountable

Understand and overcome common struggles

Create a personalized plan that lasts a lifetime

Starting On Your Healing Path

Our Functional Medicine Health Coaches are trained in helping patients make healthy lifestyle behaviour changes.  They offer individualized guidance and support in implementing therapeutic plans, addressing barriers, and working through the day-to-day challenges that arise as patients continue on their journey toward health and well-being.

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Gloria V

Certified Functional Medicine Coach

Gloria has been coaching women for over 20 years in a positive and energetic fashion. She meets clients on their level and co-creates healthy lifestyles to reflect their goals, passion and strengths.

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Michelle J

Certified Functional Medicine Coach

Michelle is dedicated to helping her clients reach their health & wellness goals through personalized coaching using education, support and accountability.

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Accountability Partners

Many of us know what we should be doing for our health, but often, we are not taking action and often feel overwhelmed on how to make sustainable lifestyle changes. That’s where your health coach comes in.  Our coaches act as accountability partners you can rely on, which can dramatically increase the positive outcomes of your personal health protocols.

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