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Shift your focus to achieving health, not losing weight


While we’re all accustomed to hearing ways that claim to help you lose weight quickly, the reality is that the majority of these methods are either unhealthy, unnatural, or unsustainable. More often than not, they will be all three!

How many times have you felt like you were making progress in your weight loss goals, only to find your efforts go to waste as anything lost piles right back on once you take your mind away from it?

The issue here is not just the lose-weight, gain-weight cycle.

It’s the energy and effort you’re wasting each time it happens, and each time you’re stressing out about returning yourself from one of these extremes.

Finding a happy middle ground is key if you’re to achieve any kind of sustainable weight loss. Just as it’s not healthy to never exercise and never eat whole foods, it’s also damaging to over-exercise and obsess about eating well. I’m sure many of you have experience with one or other of these extremes.

Hear how Sharon lost 20lbs in six weeks by working with me in my Metabolic Reset Program below.

She now has more energy, less knee pain, and is breathing more easily. She achieved these results without fad dieting. Instead, she ate an abundance of the right foods at the right times.


With such mixed messages in the media regarding what is healthy and what will ‘work’ to achieve sustainable weight loss, it’s easy to see how so many people have wound up misled and confused.

We need to shift the focus away from achieving numbers and sizes and start to focus more on achieving health. When you shift your focus towards achieving optimum health instead of lowering your weight to fit some idea of what you think it means to be healthy, you allow yourself the space to cultivate balance in your life.

Balance means to find a healthy, achievable, and sustainable lifestyle change that also supports and promotes weight loss where necessary.

You’ll find that the more you bring your body back into balance and incorporate healthy habits into everyday life, the less you need to focus on the actual process of ‘losing weight’. Your body will balance itself out and over time and settle at a natural weight. If you’re overweight or have a few extra pounds, this will appear like ‘losing weight’.

It’s not just a balance in the foods you eat, however. It’s a balance between activity, rest, food and other lifestyle factors that are part of your daily routine which successfully helps you achieve sustainable weight loss.

Being honest with yourself about negative eating-habits or non-existent exercise regimens and doing something to actively change this (not just once, but consistently over a period of time) is the best way to ensure lasting weight loss.

Ready to explore making a lasting change in your life?

Book a free discovery call with me to learn if the Metabolic Reset Program is right for you.


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