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Nothing beats feeling good.

You're one click away from being the boss of your health.

Get Back Control of Your Health.

Here's 4 Ways to Start.

Schedule 1:1 Support

We are passionate about helping individuals with complex medical conditions break free from the conventional paradigm of managing illness. 

Start The Metabolism Program

The Metabolism Program helps motivated women break free of weight loss resistance and chronic illness, create a deeper connection to their body.

Join The Community

Where you prioritize your health even when life Is calling you In a million directions, honouring self-care as your strategy to take better care of all and everyone you love. 

Our Services

Our innovative, care-centred team of functional medicine and naturopathic doctors and coaches partner with you to nurture sustainable health. 


Meet Dr. K

Dr. K's approach to medical care is an act of integration, not separation. Instead of simply addressing different symptoms across separate areas of the body, Dr. K seeks to treat the body as a whole unified system.

She is passionate about helping individuals with complex medical conditions break free from the conventional paradigm of managing illness. She focuses on optimizing each individual's unique underlying environmental, genetic and physiologic imbalance, which lie at the root cause of chronic disease. 

More about Dr. K

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Our Health Services

Dedicated to Root Cause Medicine 

Root-cause healing means permanent healing rather than band-aiding symptoms to achieve short-term relief or remission.  It addresses why you're feeling sick, rather than simply treating symptoms and It takes into account the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual. 

Not sure where to start? Book a free Health Audit and meet 1:1 with my team to assess your health status. 

The team of naturopathic doctors and coaches at Dr. K Guiding Wellness, dedicated to root cause medicine and personalized treatment plans.

More than just a Weightloss Program...

You can't heal a body you don't love.


That is why our Metabolism Program takes you beyond the physical and allows you to experience a true life transformation.  We help you to break free of the vicious weight loss cycle by addressing the root cause of weight loss resistance including hormone imbalances, inflammation, poor gut health and sluggish liver detoxification.  By healing a broken metabolism you can say goodbye to common symptoms such as cravings, bloating and brain fog. 

To learn more about our program and to see if we can help you reach your health and weight loss goals book a free metabolism audit.

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