Group Sessions for Fitness, Education & Cooking Demos 

The 8 weeks of group sessions are designed to empower, support and provide accountability for your transformation towards healthier lifestyle choices. Each week you will enjoy exercise, health education classes, guest speaker, cooking demos and much more! 


Exercise helps you to live a longer, more active life. Your well-being depends on your strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. Regular exercise increases your body’s basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy your burn while resting), energy levels, muscle mass, bone density, and heart rate and lung function. Additionally, exercise enhances immune function, elevates your mood and mental performance, promotes quality sleep, and increases stress resilience. 

NEW TO THE PROGRAM - Fitness classes will be offered twice a week!!  This will allow for flexible scheduling and the opportunity to take advantage of an extra fitness session each week and enjoy double the benefit from regular exercise.  

Fitness classes will be held on Monday & Wednesday evening from 7pm - 8pm (doors open at 6:45pm) at Laurentian Hills Christian School, 11 Laurentian Dr, Kitchener.  Change rooms are available.  

Each week participants will enjoy an exercise program lead by Gloria Vaughan, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor & Certified YogaFit Instructor.  Gloria will lead a strength training program that is designed to suite all levels of fitness.   The program is also designed to empower participants to take home the exercise to do on their own time as part of their exercise commitment. 


Understanding your body, your health, how and why you are making therapeutic lifestyle changes is the key to success. Becoming educated and getting the tools you need for better health will empower you and give you the ability to take control of your health destiny. Each week you will learn about important health topics in a way that is easier to understand and incorporate into your daily habits for a lifetime. Group sessions are lead by Dr. K and featured guest speakers.

Important health topics you will enjoy learning about:

  • SMART goal setting
  • Self discovery – overcoming barriers to better health
  • Menu planning
  • Cooking wise
  • Dinning out
  • Stress resilience
  • Balancing hormones
  • Meditation and relaxation 
  • Blood sugar and insulin 
  • Curb sugar cravings
  • Emotional eating
  • Alkalinizing and pH balance 
  • Detoxing

cooking Demos

Cooking demos will show you how delicious and easy it can be to eat for health and wellness.  There will be 4 cooking demos throughout the 8 week Group Program and each demo will complement weekly health topics with a samples for you to enjoy!  Cooking demos will be lead by holistic nutritionist, Anne MacDonald.  A sneak peak into the topics that will be covered include:

  • Getting Robust with Veggies
  • Curb the Carb Craze
  • Getting Skinny on Fats
  • Exploring Herbs & Spices
  • Baking Made Fun & Health
  • And much more! 

Health Screen

Eating for Wellness

Medical Foods &
Nutritional Supplementation 

Group Sessions for Fitness, Education & Demos