Frequently Asked Questions

+ What if I miss a session of the group program?

No problem, if you miss a session you have the opportunity to attend the session you missed during the next group program. In addition, each week you will be emailed a summary of all the information covered and the following week’s session will begin with a review of the information covered in the previous week making it easy to catch up on the missed session.

+ How do I know which program package is best for me?

Essentially each program package is working towards the same goals – transforming your healthy by making therapeutic lifestyle changes. The group sessions are excellent for anyone that is looking to take control of their health and are excited to learn and incorporate better habits. These sessions are fun and interactive and you get to enjoy the support of your fellow group members. However, timing of the group sessions may not be accessible to everyone, therefore the personalized program is a great way to reach the same goal but with more flexible scheduling.

The Individual program provides more personalized support for anyone that has been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease and hormone imbalances or anyone struggling with their health. The Premium package is the ultimate investment in your health combining both program packages. If you are someone who feels you may have more advanced health concerns and would benefit from individualized support to reach your health goals, this is the the program for you!

Additionally, you can join the Personalized Program or Premium Program at any time where the group sessions are only offered at specific times throughout the year.

+ Is the program covered by Naturopathic extended health insurance?

All program packages are 100% covered by Naturopathic extended health insurance. Each insurance company has different rules on how you can submit your claim and for this reason we provide you with 2 different receipts and you can submit your claim based on your insurance policy.

You will be provided with a receipt upon purchase of the program package. If your insurance company does not have a cap on the amount you can claim at once you will be able to submit the claim in the full amount. However, most insurance companies do have a cap on the amount you can submit at each claim, so for this reason you will be provided with another receipt at each session to help you submit your claim easily.

+ What does a typical week look like for the group program?

The group sessions are 2 hours long. The first hour of the group session will begin with a professionally lead fitness class; the classes are inspired for you to The classes are designed for you to take home and continue your fitness throughout the 8 weeks. After the fitness class you will have 10 min to transition to the health education classes. You are welcome to bring a snack/dinner or order a smoothie from Fiddleheads and enjoy your food during the second half of the group session. Each week we will be covering an important health topic, setting actions steps to help you incorporate the information into your lifestyle. There will be 4 cooking demos throughout the 8 week program. You will also have your body composition measured on the first, fourth and at the last week of the group sessions.

+ What is the weekly breakdown of the group program?

Week 1: Intro & Setting the Foundation to Your Best Health

Week 2: Insulin & Carbs (cooking demo)

Week 3: The Power of Intermittent Fasting (cooking demo)

Week 4: Eating the right Fats to help burn your Body’s own Fat (cooking demo)

Week 5: Hydration and Digestion (cooking demo)

Week 6: The Adrenal-Thyroid connection

Week 7: De-Stressing

Week 8: Detox & Dr. K top lifestyle practices

+ What do I need to bring to the group sessions?

Come in comfortable clothes that you can workout in; change rooms are available if you are coming from your work environment. Bring a water bottle and a snack/dinner as you are welcomed to enjoy your food during the second half of the group session. Each week you will be emailed a copy of the information presented, In addition, I encourage you to bring a notebook to further expand your personal health interests.

+ Can I use the information provided with my family?

One of the best parts of this program is the opportunity to take the information you learn and to share it with your family. The actions steps set out each week can be easily adapted into any family dynamic. I encourage you to get your family on board with the healthy habits promoted. I will always provide different ways to successfully incorporate healthy habits to meet everyone’s unique state of health and current lifestyle.

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