Eating for Wellness

Your Personalized Food Plan & Menu Planning

Some of your current food selections and eating habits maybe conscious decisions or emotional responses, while other habits may have been passed from generation to generation. Your personalized meal plan helps you understand how to make better choices to help you get the nutrition your body needs and still enjoy the experience of eating and sharing meals with others. Your FirstLine Therapy meal plan is expansive, not restrictive, and gives you the flexibility to make it a lifetime plan. 

Firstline therapy 

FirstLine Therapy Food Plans are science-based approaches that feature a rich spectrum of food categories in varying proportions. This includes an emphasis on eating a wide variety of plant-based foods that are rich in phytonutrients, known to promote healing and health. Beyond their therapeutic value, these food plans are designed to be delicious and satisfying for real world eating to help you establish healthy habits for life. These plans are designed to address some of the most common underlying causes of illness and inflammation, such as blood sugar imbalances, excess fat, and compromised clearance of potentially harmful substances (metabolic detoxification). These eating plans can further be tailored to meet specific dietary needs and sensitivities.  

With our individualized programs packages Dr. K will prescribe your personalized eating plan and then you will meet with her 1-on-1  on a regular basis thought the program to support the implementation of your personalized plan.  

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Eating for Wellness

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