Vitamin N: The New Prescription 

Today's cleanse tip is brought to you by Dr. Jen!


Cleansing is a time to restore our bodies and remind ourselves how good we can feel.  

It's also a great time to start some new habits that will keep you healthy all year round.  This year, we want you to consider adding some vitamin N to your daily prescription.  Some of the benefits you can expect are increased feelings of calm and peacefulness, improved focus, a sharper short-term memory and even lowered mortality rates.  

If fact, the results are so staggering that this vitamin is starting to make the most savvy doctors prescription sheets. The best part is that this one is side effect free and costs nothing. 

As you may have guessed, vitamin N is Nature.  Research shows that spending regular time outside in a park, green space or the forest can boost our wellbeing more than a $20,000 raise and the spring is a perfect time to start this healthy, stress busting habit.  

Become aware of how much time you spend in natural environments and you will see that most of us actually spend more time in our vehicles than enjoying this precious commodity.   It's no wonder that depression is now the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide.   In our over-stressed society, consider giving yourself the gift of a walk through the trees as often as possible!