Cleansing your Makeup Bag

Today's cleanse tip is brought to you by Dr. Ben!

DetoxMe App


Download this app to help track your paraben exposure - find it on your smart phone and start your journey to reducing your toxic exposure to parabens and other common chemicals found in cosmetics.   

Here are some tips to making a smooth and cost-effective transition to chemical free cosmetics:

  1. Take inventory of your makeup bag and get rid of toxic items that you rarely use.
  2. Replace frequently use items as they run out with less toxic options.
  3. Take advantage of the amazing deals our cosmetic and beauty sponsors are offering!  15 - 30% WOW!  And treat yourself to a couple of new products! CLICK HERE to check out the deals

Dr. Ben speaks on parabens - their danger, how we're exposed and how to protect yourself!