The Entrepreneurial Adventure Guide - FREE Workshop Series

Have you been feeling run-down, overworked, or uninspired in your business or in life?  Are you ready to take a step forward towards feeling more energy, excitement and inspiration?

I want you to meet my friend Ashley Keefe, an entrepreneur who turned her dream business into reality, then got burnt out, then turned it around and fell back in love with the entrepreneurial adventure again. 

Ashley opened her first business at the age of 24.  She has since invested in three others, with too-many-to-count ups and downs along the way.  As a dear friend of mine, I’ve seen her commit to developing a toolbelt full of practices, strategies and tools that helped her go from run-down to re-inspired and now she is SO committed to showing you how to do the same.

When Ashley invited me back to speak on her second online show, The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Strategies, Tips and Tools To Go From Run-Down to Re-Inspired, I gave her an enthusiastic YES because I know we all go through ups and downs both in business and in life and the most important thing you can do is consistently overcome the lows to achieve the highs.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link

In this FREE virtual series, more than 20 successful entrepreneurs share:

1.  their top strategies and tools that keep them inspired in business and in life

2.  how inspiration affects success

3.  how to develop the courage to take risks

4.  how to overcome perceived failures and turn them into triumphs 

5.  how working on your mindset is a game changer along the entrepreneurial  adventure

6.  …and MUCH more!

These 30-minute video interviews are real conversations that are short and easy to digest with entrepreneurs that are living inspired lives.  The series goes live on March 5th.

Register here with your complimentary ticket to listen in.

Look forward to seeing you there!