Having trouble losing weight, feeling tired all the time, and experiencing foggy brain? You need to get this test and get the results you deserve!

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Susan, a stressed 41-year-old working professional with a busy social and family life, was in trouble. She had recently changed her diet to include more whole foods and fewer last-minute meals out. Her dietary changes were intended to help with her new exercise regime. For 2018, Susan had ambitiously scheduled herself into daily yoga and dance lessons. 

Instead of feeling reinvigorated, however, Susan was tired. She had low energy all day long, mental fatigue, and often found herself forgetful and confused at work. Worst of all, the exercise regime and new diet were not resulting in any changes in that stubborn 15 pounds around her waist.

At night, Susan sometimes found herself in silent tears after the kids had gone to bed. She was incredibly frustrated that all her hard work wasn’t showing any results. She was also a bit scared.

‘I can barely function,’ she thought. ‘What’s wrong with me?’


Mitochondrial Function & Your Health

Did you know that poor energy, brain fog, and weight loss resistance can be links to poor mitochondria function?

Mitochondria lose functionality due to multiple, interrelated factors including:

  • Chronic stress
  • Lack of exercise, especially weight bearing exercise
  • Lack of important nutrients such as B vitamins
  • Lack of protein

Functional testing can identify these deficiencies and dysfunctions in the body.

The Organic Acid Test (OAT) provides important information that will provide a precise road map to recovering your energy and losing weight. Once you have taken the OAT, you can begin to address your nutritional deficiencies.

Your Recovery Journey


Your recovery journey will go even further than just resolving nutritional deficiencies. You will also want to reduce your daily stress. Facing unresolved, chronic emotional trauma in your life is critical to recovery of mitochondrial function and staying strong in the future.

Resistance exercise also supports mitochondrial rebuilding. Mitochondria are highly concentrated in muscle cells. When we are stressed, we reprioritize protein to support our need for more inflammation. This is especially true in the muscle, but also occurs in the gut and detoxification enzymes.

Building muscle means making more mitochondria. This increases our capacity to produce energy in the body, or Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Replace your high-intensity cardio classes with weight lifting medium to heavy weights. If this feels uncomfortable, professional guidance at your local gym can help.

Kinesthetic, or body weight exercises, can also be a good place to start if weight lifting is too intimidating. The plank challenge is a good opportunity to start developing the muscle in your body.

Your Healthy Future

Take the OAT to help identify which nutrients you are deficient in. Find ways to reduce your stress. Begin resistance exercise training to reduce insulin resistance. This is another reason you can’t lose weight and your brain feels foggy.

You, like friend Susan, deserve to have thriving, long-term health. Do not accept or ignore your feelings. Your concerns are valid. You deserve results!




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