5 Ways to Increase Water Intake

Water intake is a struggle for so many.  I constantly have to remind myself to drink my water. Thirst naturally decreases with age, and this means it is easier to become dehydrated as we age.  

To combat this, here are my favourite tips to help keep your body well hydrated:  

  1. Drink the biggest glass of water first thing in the morning: This is my best tool for hydration.  I find it helps to initial my thirst response and it feels good getting so much of my water goal into me before my day begins.  Often, I will pour it the night before and put it on my night stand so it's right there and ready to drink first thing in the morning! This is a simple habit to incorporate into your daily routine beyond the cleanse.  Getting a good start on hydration is always beneficial.  
  2. Keep track of your water intake: purchase a reusable stainless steel bottle (1 - 1.5L) and fill it up in the morning and challenge yourself to finish it before the work day is over at 6pm.
  3. Add flavour: squeeze some lemon, lime, orange or cucumbers to your water for extra flavour (avoid Crystal light and other aspartame based sweeteners).
  4. Add ice: cooler water seems to go down easier for some people.
  5. Include herbal tea, freshly squeezed juices or bone broth to keep your hydration strong: check out  Distinctly Tea for amazing tea and their very own Detox Tea; Goodvibes Juice & PURE Juice Bar + Kitchen delicious freshly squeezed juices and Bone Broth can be found at better health food stores and grocers.