Reach Your Health Summit in 2018 With These Six Pillars

For the past ten years, I have had the immense pleasure and challenge of providing holistic, lifestyle-focused support to people seeking healthier lives across Waterloo Region.

In Celebration of 10 Years in Practice, I will be sharing the most valuable information I have learned through the authentic partnerships with my many, diverse patients over the last decade.  I have organized this information into the Six Pillars of Health.  Each month I will be focusing on one of these pillars, and providing TOOLS & ACTION STEP to guide you in reaching your peak summit of health in 2018. Join me in making KW a healthier and happier community!

In brief, these six pillars of health include:

  1. Stress & inflammation
  2. Energy production
  3. Diet & digestion
  4. Detoxification & oxidation
  5. Lifestyle & environment
  6. Brain health & mindset
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Each pillar forms an individual yet interrelated building block of our health, beginning at the cellular level and working all the way up to our surrounding environment.  

Every cell in our body is perfect, and does not make mistakes. At the cellular level, cells function, repair, and maintain themselves. These processes are related to larger biological functions such as immune system function, inflammatory responses, and how your body rids itself of toxins.

Environmental factors and your genetic make-up also influence these cellular processes. Environmental inputs include the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you put into your body, as well as exercise, toxin exposure, and traumas you’ve experienced. Your individual genes may make you more susceptible to some diseases, although emerging research shows that your genes are also influenced by your environment, as well as your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs.

Consequently, psychological, spiritual, and social factors can all have a profound influence on your health.

When any of the feedback systems regulating your body are disturbed or imbalanced, this leads to symptoms and subsequently, disease, if effective interventions are not applied.


My investigation of a person’s health addresses the whole individual rather than an isolated set of symptoms.  It is likely that you know and love someone with complex, chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, obesity, and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Or, you may be struggling with this experience yourself. A brief visit to a physician for anyone with complex diseases will simply result in an acute care approach involving drugs or surgery to treat the immediate problem or symptoms.

My fundamental approach to your health is much different than simply treating symptoms.  I delve deeper into the complex web of interactions in your health history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. My goal is to promote optimal health, rather than just focusing on the absence of disease.

In the coming months, I will be sharing a rich tapestry of knowledge acquired over the last ten years which will get to the systems causing long-term disturbances in functionality of the human body and thus, the complex, chronic diseases so common in our modern society.

Don’t be alarmed if this sounds intimidating; I have plenty of achievable action steps and handy tools, some as simple as The Five-Minute Journal, which will help you start small and work your way towards more empowered, intentional health.

The pillars of your best health are waiting for you to take informed action. I hope that you will join us for the coming months of uncovering and growing together towards EMPOWERED health. 

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