Eat with Awareness this Holiday Season

We’re heading into the busy holiday season! Are you ready to take on managing stress, extra socializing, and additional pressures on your sleep and diet?

Try naming the flavours you tasted out loud after your next meal to increase your awareness!

If this sounds intimidating, never fear! There’s good news for you: eating with awareness is an easy, daily practice which can help all of us during the holiday season.

When we take the time to enjoy our eating experience, we’re better able to manage unwanted food cravings, control our portion sizes, and feel more in tune with the foods we’re putting in our bodies.

  Here are five quick tips to help you eat consciously:

  1. Watch your food. Literally. Become aware of the food that’s on your plate, taking time to step back from the computer, mobile devices, or TV where you may be hastily eating while multitasking. You will eat better foods, and it will help you to avoid emotional eating.  
  2. Chew your food thoroughly. This allow us to not only be more mindful of our eating, but saliva also has enzymes which help us to break down foods, starting the process of digestion. Setting down your fork in between bites can help you slow the eating process.
  3. Eat with others. Taking the time to share food with others is enriching on many levels. It will also help you watch, experience, and savour what you’re eating!
  4. Try a variety of flavours. By trying many small amounts of different flavours, we may feel more fulfilled and desire less food after a meal. Try naming the flavours you tasted out loud after your next meal to increase your awareness!
  5. Similarly, eat a palette of colours. Integrate more than the typical ‘brown, yellow, and white diet’ which most people consume. Include in your meals foods which are red (e.g.: red potatoes, beets), orange (e.g.: butternut squash, carrots), yellow-green (e.g.: artichokes, asparagus), and blue-purple (e.g.: eggplant, raisins).

More conscious eating this holiday season shouldn’t be hard.

Introduce one or two of these new habits into your daily experience, to start, and aim to make all of them a core part of your daily life moving into the new year!