Seven Week Core Workshop

Corporate Wellness Works understands the struggles most people face with balancing nutrition and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits in this modern day. Our nutrition and lifestyle programs lay a strong foundation of balanced nutrition and healthy, manageable and practical routines that can fit into anyone’s busy life. We get back to basics by dispelling myths and quick-fix habits and focusing on small and consistent steps toward healthy transformations. Balance is the cornerstone to any lifestyle, and we have created programs that allow your employees to enjoy life while optimizing health and vitality at the same time. That's why our programs have shown lasting results.

In order to deliver this material in an exciting and cost-effective manner, the program will be divided into seven one-hour live sessions. The following is a breakdown of the weekly topics:  

Week 1:  Laying the Foundation & Setting Your Health Goals
Week 2:  Getting to the Core – Eating for Abs of Steel 
Week 3:  Healthy Fats – Fuel your Brain and Improve Your Game
Week 4:  Phytonutrients – Food is Your Best Medicine 
Week 5:  Stress – Work Hard and Play Hard 
Week 6:  Exercise & Alkalinize  
Week 7:  Detox - Essential for Optimizing Health in the Modern Toxic World

Many popular health topics will be discussed through the Seven Week Core Workshop, such as:

  • Food sensitivities and gluten
  • Organic vs. non-organic
  • Free range and organic meats
  • How to eat more plant-based protein
  • Oils – which to cook with, which to eat raw
  • Super foods – are they worth the investment?
  • Sugar – proving to be the most addictive substance on earth
  • Supplements – do I need to take them and which ones?

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7 Week Core Workshop

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